The 3rd Edition Mobile App Award Winners List

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile applications, innovation takes center stage. The 3rd Edition Mobile App Awards celebrates incredible mobile apps in various categories. From health and wellness to financial empowerment, these awards recognize apps that have made a significant impact on users’ lives.

Here’s a closer look at the winners

3rd Edition Mobile App Awards Winners

Award Winners List 

Best Health & Wellness App

  • SASAdoctor App: Bronze Winner
  • TIBU Health App: Silver Winner
  • Livia Health App: Gold Winner

Best Educational App

  • LoHo Learning eBooks App: Bronze Winner
  • MarkMe Icons App – Silver Winner
  • NABU: Multilingual Kids – Books App Gold Winner

Best Shopping & E-Commerce App

  • CarParts Kenya App: Bronze Winner
  • Zandaux App: Silver Winner
  • MAF Carrefour App:Gold Winner

Best Online Marketplace App 

  • Jiji Kenya App: Bronze Winner
  • PigiaMe App: Silver Winner
  • Carhoot App: Gold Winner

Best Investment and Stock Market App

  • Ndovu App: Bronze Winner
  • Hisa App: Silver Winner
  • AIB DigiTrader AApp:Gold Winner

Best Money Transfer App

  • PaySii: Silver Winner
  • FlexMoney App: Gold Winner

Best Digital Lending App

  • Knight Loan App: Bronze Winner
  • Zenka Loan App: Silver Winner
  • Lendplus App: Gold Winner

Best Savings and Goal Tracking App

  • Malipo App: Bronze Winner
  • Chumz App: Silver Winner
  • Money254 App: Gold Winner

Best Credit Score Monitoring Apps

  • TransUnion Nipashe App – Silver Winner
  • Crystobol App – Gold Winner

Best SACCO App

  • MOMBO App – Winner

Best Instant Loan App

  • Zash Loan App – Bronze Winner
  • Patron Loan App – Silver Winner
  • BAYES Loan App – Gold Winner

Best Bus Ticketing App

  • Buupas App – Bronze Winner
  • AfriKonekta App – Silver Winner
  • iAbiri App – Gold Winner

Best Ride-Hailing App

  • Ace Mobility App – Bronze Winner
  • JRIDE KENYA App – Silver Winner
  • MARAMOJA App – Gold Winner

Best Food Delivery App

  • Glovo App – Bronze Winner
  • Dial a Delivery App – Silver Winner
  • Uber Eats App – Gold Winner

Best News & Information App

  • TELEEZA App – Bronze Winner
  • Opera News App – Silver Winner
  • Citizen Digital App – Gold Winner

Best PWDs Friendly App

  • Deaf eLimu Banking App – Bronze Winner
  • Riziki Source App – Silver Winner
  • Ace Mobility App -Gold Winner

Best Government or Public Service App

  • NSSF Mobile App – Bronze Winner
  • NTSA App – Silver Winner
  • KenTrade Mobile App – Gold Winner

Best App for Empowering Women

  • HerVenture App – Bronze Winner
  • Tausi App – Silver Winner
  • Gwiji App – Gold Winner

Best On-Demand Delivery App or Parcel Booking App

  • Pickup Mtaani – Silver Winner 
  • AfriKonekta App – Gold Winner

Best Agri App

  • Yara FarmCare App – Bronze Winner
  • ETG One Stop Solution App – Silver Winner
  • Tupande by OneAcre Fund -Gold Winner

Best Video On Demand App

  • Airtel TV App – Silver Winner
  • Viusasa App – Gold Winner

Best USSD App

  • HF Whizz *618# – Bronze Winner
  • Zenka Loan USSD *841# – Silver Winner
  • Credo Faster *264# – Gold Winner

Best On-Demand Services App

  • LetaWera App – Bronze Winner
  • GWIJI App – Silver Winner
  • Bingwa Services App – Gold Winner

Best Pension App

  • KPA Pension App – Bronze Winner
  • Minet Pension App – Silver Winner
  • Kenya Power Pension Fund (KPPF) App – Gold Winner

Best Job Search and Recruitment App

  • Ajiry App – Silver Winner
  • BrighterMonday Jobs App – Gold Winner

Best Financial Wellness App 

  • Sortika App – Bronze Winner
  • Chumz App – Silver Winner
  • Power App – Gold Winner

Best Banking App

  • KB Mobile App – Silver Winner
  • HFC Whizz App – Gold Winner

Best Auto Mobile App

  • Car Parts Kenya – Gold Winner

Best Use Of Mobile For Social and Economic Development

  • Bingwa Services App – Bronze Winner
  • KaziWay App – Silver Winner
  • Tausi App – Gold Winner

Best Digital Loan App User Experience

  • Zenka Loan App – Winner

Best Emerging B2B Mobile App

  • Zandaux Kenya – Winner

Most Innovative Ride Hailing App

  • JRIDE Kenya – Winner 

Best Last Mile Delivery App

  • Copia App – Winner

Best BNPL App

  • Aspira App – Winner

Best Mobile App of the Year

  • Citizen Digital App – Winner

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate these incredible mobile applications, it’s important to recognize that the mobile app industry is ever-evolving. The winners of the 3rd Edition Mobile App Awards serve as trailblazers, inspiring future innovations that will continue to shape the way we interact with technology.


The 3rd Edition Mobile App Award winners have set the stage for what’s to come. These apps are not just tools on our devices; they are enablers of change, progress, and improved quality of life for users around the world.

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