Celebrating Kenya's eCommerce Excellence

 29th June 2024, Emara Olesereni 

1ST MARCH 2024

26TH MAY 2024

29TH MAY 2024

1ST– 18TH JUNE 2024

29TH JUNE 2024

About the Awards

The Kenya Ecommerce Awards Returns for the fifth Year to RECOGNISE and REWARD the BEST in eCommerce across KENYA

The Kenya eCommerce Awards recognize and celebrate eCommerce in a variety of online retail industries.

The categories honor the teams and people who are leading the industry in terms of innovation in software, eCommerce campaigns, and website creativity and technology.

The advantages of entering and winning a Kenya eCommerce Awards include:

  • Recognition from the industry for your work and that of your team or agency.
  • Possibilities for marketing
  • Awards draw new clients and fresh talent. 

The categories are presented  and judged by professionals who adhere to a transparent, moral, and popular voting process.


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Kenya eCommerce Awards

Why Enter?

Celebrate with your team.

Celebrate your achievements with your project teams and company as a whole and boost team morale, motivation and reward outstanding work.


Create Positive headlines

Share the good news; everyone enjoys a success story, and receiving an award serves as an excellent publicity hook for efforts in traditional and social media.


Improve your rating

Boost your teams’ and company’s reputation and win respect from the whole industry.


Strive for Better Practice

Looking at what other people do for their products is a priceless source of ideas that have been tried and true for winning awards!

Attendee Profile

The eCommerce event attracts audiences from many professional sectors interested in modernizing their businesses, image and communication.


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