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iPay Wins Kenya eCommerce Awards for Payment Processing Platform of the Year

iPay Africa named the Payment Processing Platform of the Year, at the 2022 Kenya eCommerce Awards. July 2022’s Kenya eCommerce Awards recognized outstanding industry achievements and emphasized eCommerce’s impact on Kenya’s economic growth.


iPay Africa is a leading payment gateway provider in Kenya, offering seamless payment solutions to businesses of all sizes.

iPay Africa’s innovative payment processing approach led to its popularity and success at the Kenya eCommerce Awards among merchants.

About the Kenya eCommerce Awards

The Kenya eCommerce Awards is an annual event that recognizes and celebrates outstanding achievements in the Kenyan eCommerce industry. The awards cover a wide range of categories, including Best Online Retailer, Best eCommerce Platform, and Best Payment Processing Platform.

The Kenya eCommerce Awards offer a platform for businesses to showcase achievements, network with leaders, and promote brands.

iPay Africa’s Award-Winning Payment Processing Platform

iPay payment processing platform is designed with the needs of Kenyan businesses in mind, offers mobile money, card payments, and bank transfers, simplifying payment acceptance for businesses on various channels.

One of the key features of iPay Africa’s platform is its security.

iPay Africa invested in technology for secure, reliable payments for customer and merchant confidence.

Real-time analytics on iPay’s platform improve cash flow and optimization.

Excellent Customer Service

iPay understands the importance of customer service and has made it a top priority. The platform has a dedicated customer support team that is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns.

Additionally, iPay’s user-friendly interface and easy-to-use payment process make it simple and hassle-free for customers to make payments.

Commitment to Supporting Local Businesses

iPay Africa’s platform supports local Kenyan businesses to accept payments easily and securely, aiding their growth and success.


iPay Award for Payment Processing Platform of the Year reflects its innovation, customer service, and support for local businesses.

As Kenya’s eCommerce expands, iPay Africa is well-positioned to maintain leadership in payment processing and support business growth.

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