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Finserve Africa Wins Payment Innovation Award

Finserve is a financial technology company that recently won the eCommerce Payment Innovation Award at the 2022 Kenya eCommerce Awards.

This award recognizes the company’s outstanding contribution to the eCommerce industry through the development of innovative payment solutions.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Finserve and its accomplishments.

About Finserve

Finserve is a subsidiary of Equity Group Holdings, a Kenyan financial services provider. The company provides a range of financial technology solutions, including mobile payments, mobile banking, and eCommerce payment solutions.

Finserve’s innovative payment solutions are designed to provide a seamless and secure payment experience for consumers and merchants alike.

Finserve’s eCommerce Payment Innovation

The eCommerce Payment Innovation Award is one of the most coveted awards at the Kenya eCommerce Awards. Finserve’s win is a testament to the company’s commitment to developing cutting-edge payment solutions.

Finserve payment platform, dubbed “Jenga Payment Gateway,” is an innovative payment solution.

The Gateway allows eCommerce businesses to seamlessly accept payments from customers.

Jenga Payment Gateway key features

  • Has ability to process payments in multiple currencies, making it an ideal payment solution for eCommerce businesses.
  • The platform also provides real-time transaction monitoring and fraud detection, ensuring that eCommerce businesses can operate in a securely.
  • Another notable feature of Jenga Payment Gateway is its integration with various payment options, including mobile money, credit and debit cards, and online banking. This integration allows eCommerce businesses to offer their customers multiple payment options, increasing the likelihood of completing transactions and enhancing the overall customer experience.


Finserve’s eCommerce Payment Innovation Award win is a significant milestone for the company and the eCommerce industry in Kenya.

The company’s commitment to developing innovative payment solutions is a key factor in driving the growth of eCommerce businesses in the region.

Finserve’s Jenga Payment Gateway has set a new standard for payment solutions in the industry, and we can expect to see more innovative payment solutions from the company in the future.

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